SotA Con 2016

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Shroud of the Avatar Convention - SotA Con East 2016

SCE2016's goal is to create a Shroud of the Avatar themed gathering, on the East Coast, so players and developers can come together, grow together, and share ideas.

If you are a current Avatar, or a past Avatar, you are welcome to attend. Please visit the official site for details.

SotA Con Central 2017

We are excited to announce that SotA Con Central 2017 is being planned for GenCon 2017, held in August in Indy! Brickbat is the primary contact for this convention. More details to come in the near future!

SotA Con West 20??

Stay tuned... pending a coordinator and planning this event will happen at some point!

SotA Con Developers 2017

Details are sketchy, the devs don't even know about this yet... but it's being talked about. A SotA Con in Austin that we get built around people who want to learn more about developing plugins, 3rd party framework, hear from developer panels, and focus more on the technical side of Shroud.